January 18, 2008

Winter Tidings

Little Big Man-William Huckleberry Bowerman has been dominating the Mtn Merc blog recently, and those of us here at the Merc proper are feeling a little bit left out. So to properly compete with Lil' Will' we have some antics of our own to show you:
Steve, Mac and Eug out on a ride about a month before the baby was born.Eugene Shreddin' on the uni at Tele Fest.
Norm goes for the pass!
And from our very own Shameless Commerce dept: We have a few pairs of Scarpa tele boots available in like new condition for $250. Some have been worn a couple of times, some not at all. Mondo Point sizes 21.5 thru 25.5 available, with the exception of 24 and 24.5 sizes.
Eugene is gearing up for a big adventure to the bottom of the world! He leaves for Santiago, Chile on the 29th of January for a 6 week trip. He plans to backpack in the Patagonian Andes, where he hopes to find his friend Lindsay, learn a bit of Spanish, and clear his mind a bit. When he leaves Mac and Danielle will be back in Oakridge taking care of the shop, and of course introducing little Huck to Oakridge. We'll be happy to have them back! The community garden, the shop, and many of those loyal to our shop here in Oakridge all miss them every day.

If you like to ride check out our link to Coconino Cycles down in Flagstaff, Arizona. They're still shreddin' this winter, and will be up our way for the Handmade Bike Show in Portland during mid February. Stop in and see them at the show or on their blog to see some of their beautiful work, and meet a couple of great people.


January 17, 2008

Relaxing at Home

Today is an entirely foggy day here at the homestead.

Kris and Tom are in Northern California on a romantic road trip and Mac, Will, William and I are holding down the fort.

Liz, our midwife, will be here in 15 minutes to tell us how much bigger William has gotten in the last week. Our guess is that he's surpassed 11 pounds.

This top picture is Heidi and William. She was here for the entire labor supporting and encouraging us on. She's a gifted and strong friend.

My parents will be coming to visit in about a month, we are looking forward to that!

January 13, 2008

More William

We can't get enough of him. Here are the latest.

We have the angelic baby and the mully-hawk baby. What's that? A mullet and a mohawk at the same time. You know: business in the front, party in the back.

Lots of fun!

January 8, 2008

Couple More...

I can't get more than a couple pics to load so they are all coming in small doses.

Corresponding pictures

Here are the pics to go with the last post. I couldn't get them to upload for some reason.

We'll be in Oakridge the next couple days on a trial run, get the systems tested, you know. Then we come back to the homestead for another week.

Hope to see some of you soon!

January 7, 2008

Such Fun

13 days with William!

Never have I been so busy, especially with only 12 diapers and Mac gone for 2 whole days...
Thanks to Kris and Uncle Will for keeping us fed and warm.

Big Will took the ceiling out of the lower bathroom thinking there were rats living up there. Low and behold they had wings. During the birth a bat flew all around the kitchen and upper bedroom.

Little Will is telepathic, we've discovered. He moves cats and things around the room. We call him Swami Bat Boy.

We have been walking to the other house for breakfast and socialization. Soon I'd like to go to the pond for big adventure! William has been there with Mac already.