September 20, 2008

Two recent pictures I took riding the Hardesty Trail with a few friends. It is a continual and consistent 6 mile gravel road climb up from Highway 58 to access the trailhead. Once there you are rewarded with an awesome swooping downhill just a bit shorter than the climb. As you can see there are some good technical and off camber bits of trail to keep you on your toes.

Just today it started feeling like fall in earnest here in Oakridge. For the first time in many weeks cloudy skies obscured the sun, and we had a cool and grey Western Oregon day.

September 16, 2008

Summer Riding

Summer Riding.

This seasons riding has been top notch. A wet and long winter let to full rivers, and plenty of moisture to keep the ferns, oregon grape, and vine maple green throughout the summer.

We've had a great but early blackberry season, and now the huckleberries are popping out in force at high elevation.

There are literally hundreds of miles of single track trail within about 30 miles of our shop, and over the winter lots of trees and branches fall across the trail. Thanks to the countless, and counted hours of work by the Disciples of Dirt, local volunteers and the Forest Service the trails are cleared of debris each year, and by the early fall almost all of the trails are finally totally open.

So this time of year we like to enjoy the onset of cool weather, the absence of mosquitos at high elevation, and the turning of the leaves, as the trails dry out and we all prepare for the rain.

The pictures posted here are from a few of the local trails closest to Oakridge (within 10 miles of the shop!)

Come on by or give us a call to get the lowdown on what's riding good.