June 1, 2008

Spring in the Northwest

Spring? Isn't it summer yet? Well, not quite here in Oakridge.. However the deep snowpack we accumulated this winter is melting quickly, up to 5000 feet or more now on some of the southern slopes, but still clinging as low as 3500 on the northern faces.

We have been making the most of this cool and wet spring by doing some great bike rides at the lower elevations, skiing up on Diamond Peak, and gardening in the Salmon Creek community garden and at our homes.

The Merc is better than ever, stuffed to the brim with all kinds of spring and summer stuff. Chaco sandals, Haro bikes, Womens Carhartt clothing, and happy employees. This is my third summer at the Mercantile, and I still feel fortunate to be a part of such a positive and unique business every day I go to work.

The Cascade Cream Puff is coming soon, just over the horizon now as it happens on June 29th this year. Its a great event, and I'll be out there on the starting line for the sixth time if all goes according to plan. Whether doing it as a competitive event, or just as a great way to spend a long day on a bike riding some amazing trails, there really isn't a better organized or more professionally run bike event. Not entered? Come hang out at one of the aid stations, or volunteer to help with the race. Call the shop, or go to www.cascadecreampuff.com
to learn how to participate in a great event.

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