December 5, 2009

Cross Country Skiing at Gold Lake

Saturday morning at the Merc: start fire in woodstove, roll out rental bikes, get coffee from Double Trouble, check the Willamette Pass cams (19.8degrees at 9:15 am) brrrr.

Remember how fortunate I am to live and work in Oakridge.

People roll in, grab some rental xc skis and snowshoes, we talk about the snow conditions up high. Its a good life we live here in Oakridge, and although I'm here at the shop today instead of up in the snow I'm thankful to be a part of the season and the energy of the place.

One of the key organizers of the Hoodoo TeleFest came by our shop yesterday. She invited us to come join in the fun January 9-10. I'll be there with some friends from Oakridge and of course some goodies from the Mercantile for the winners of the infamous uphill downhill race. The years I've attended TeleFest it has been lots of fun. There are free tele lessons, lots of great gear to try out, I love trying my luck at the uphill downhill race, and my personal favorite part; night time unicycling on the often icy slopes.

This year I'm going to be volunteering as a beginner/intermediate tele instructor. We need more volunteer instructors as well as volunteers for registration, and lots of excited students too! If you are interested in volunteering give us a call (541)782-1800, or just show up early on Saturday morning and let one of the people at registration know you want to volunteer instruct.

Well, the sun is shining once again here in Oakridge and it's time to chop some more wood.

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