December 19, 2009

Spring Already?? Hopefully Just the Last of Fall

Since our last post the weather has been fairly dry, first very cold, and now quite warm. Gold Lake is still skiable, but we here at the Mercantile have been breaking our bikes out and taking advantage of the great trail conditions. Two days ago Justine and I rode lower Alpine trail. Up rd 5828, down to the Alpine Trail to the covered bridge, then up the North Fork to rd 1910 two days ago. Then yesterday we pedaled out to Larison Cr. trail and did an out and back from the bottom.

The trails are in great shape. We found a downed tree on Larison Cr, but aside from that the trails awesome.

It feels like it's in the 50s today, and the highway 58 cam at Willamette Pass is recording 40 degrees, skiing is out. So, making the best of things Norm and John Luc are meeting me at the house in a few minutes and we're heading out for ride again. I'm lobbying for another Alpine Trail adventure while conditions are good.

Keep an eye on the Hwy 58 camera for up to the minute conditions reports from up high, and feel free to give us a call if you need some beta for the Oakridge area.

Happy Trails

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