December 25, 2007

Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas Day!

We are glad to share pictures and the story of our new babe! He was born Sunday the 23rd at 9:23 pm in Bill & Barbara’s kitchen in Eugene. He’s rather big and we had a hard time getting him too come out, but after some strategic cutting and assistance he arrived fully awake and attentive.

How big was he? 9lbs 11oz in weight and 22 inches long!

So right after his natural and successful home birth we went to the hospital to get mom stiched up. But, alls well that ends well! (no pun intended)

Presently we are back in the warm and cozy kitchen getting to know our beautiful and contented baby boy,who, by the way, is not officially named yet.

Enjoy the photos, we’ll get more up as we go. Love and thanks to everyone!


  1. I'm so happy for you guys, any chance that big boy will be on skis for the telefest? I'll be back on the 7th and look forward to seeing you then.

    Love you all, Nor

  2. Bambino!

    So good to hear that Mom and Babe are doing well. Congratulations!


  3. Finally!!! At last!!! Congraduations!!

    Hope you guys are all doing well. Call us, we love you. Post some more pictures.

    Dan and Cindi

  4. Congratulations, Danielle and Mac!!! Welcome baby!!! I am proud and happy for you guys. Receive hugs and blessings from me and Todd. Love, Magali