December 30, 2007

We've Survived the First Week

What a trip!

Nothing can prepare you for the actuality of a newborn. Thankfully, he is a sweet babe and he sleeps through the night (except for feeding and changing). My only complaint is the loss of pregnancy hormones, I feel close to the end of my rope sometimes. Thanks to Mac for caring for us both at this first week.

Thanks Mom & Dad for the chocolate, socks and Andy Warhol bag. Here we have a picture of Buddy and baby sharing the socks (better than Jaclyn and I ever shared anything).

For those who have been wondering if we'd ever name this child: we have!

William Huckleberry Bowerman

Little Will is what I call him. Big Uncle Will is expected this afternoon from Fossil.

Well, Little Will is telling me he's hungry. Thanks for posting comments!


  1. You're awesome! Thanks for the great pictures, Mac and Buddy look like they are taking great care of you both.

    Sorry I haven't made it down your way yet.. Maybe this week.


  2. Hi, Little Will is beautiful. I was glad to hear today when Mac stopped by that you both are doing good. I am excited to see him. Take care.