December 13, 2007

We're Taking Bets

We in the family have been guessing the big day... I am 1 week overdue now and still no sign of our little one venturing out into the world. Mac and I have had great hikes with friends Heidi and Neil the last few days but the baby is on it's own schedule of arrival (as Beth pointed out).

But the weather is wonderful here! Sorry to those of you in Michigan, I don't envy your current ice storm.

So Mac's guess is tomorrow (14th), mine is Sunday, Kris & Sandie say Monday, and Tom thinks Tuesday is it. The prize is yet undetermined. I want Sweet Life cake, others ask for carrots and foot rubs.

Hope to have some news soon!


  1. I say it's the 17th, baby momma to be. good luck

  2. well haven't heard...are you waiting until the 23rd, little girl? hi everyone and the brave buddy! looks like she's taking her time. hang in there and let us know what we can do on our end to help when you get back. biggest huggies!