December 14, 2007

Walks and New Tricks

No bambini yet. We are having a great time on the farm, taking lots of walks. Buddy learned to carry the paper up the hill. If he could just learn to go and get it by himself, past the scary neighbor dog, that would be great. We are pruning fruit trees today. Beautiful day.

Also hoping for more snow. Friends have been skiing up the 58, but report coverage to be 4-10" . Good time for rock skis!

Lots of bulbs are sprouting on the farm, makes it feel like spring.

Shop reports things are picking up a bit, with some ski sales and holiday related items. The guys are rocking it out and we are appreciative to have such great people to cover for us while away.

1 comment:

  1. Buddy,

    You're so tuff! I only hope that my fore arms and paws will one day be so sculpted and buff, and my smile will be so bright as yours. Give your mama lots of kisses, and take her on lots of walks, so she can stay healthy and bring that little baby into the world all healthy and happy.

    We miss you,

    Your friend,

    Kitty Mississippi